Is it bad to sleep with your teammates GF

As a resident expert in GF sharing, the story started to break that our knight in shingling armor Hornibrook slept with a teammates GF. The story goes on to say he got knocked out at practice by a teammate and hence the concussion, and then no one wanted him around anymore. Now he is a D1 QB so they don’t have the same rules as us but fucking your O- Lineman’s girl while you’re going 3-18 for 22 yards and 3 INTs at Michigan?! My QB1 baby, that is fucking cocky.

W&M -2.5 @ Townson- DONT look now but my Tribe are in the thick of the race for the 4 seed in the CAA.

Islanders money line – Fuck you John Tavares you god damn traitor!!

St. John’s -4.5 – Xavier sinks, they lost to Wisconsin at home.

Wofford -13.5 — I don’t give away free picks but this team will make the Elite 8, I want you all to know that.

UCLA -3.5 — I have no idea

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