Piss dog Tuesday, day soccer addition

We’re bringing it back ladies and gentlemen because I’m cold as a mother fucker. We won’t talk about the end of the Philly game yesterday they can fuck off.

Indiana +2.5 vs Wisconsin – I watch every Wisconsin game on TV. Trust me when I tell you they will lose this game, I just feel it in my bones.

Everton -0.5 @ Cardiff – Cardiff need a result bad and Everton are streaky, wanted to take a draw here but I see the Blues winning.

Wolves -0.5 @ Huddersfield — Umm? What? This can’t be right but I locked it in for $100 on the spot, easiest money of the week. Hammer this fucker.

Newcastle vs Burnley Draw– Take the draw here, neither of these two teams score a ton which should help.

TCU -4 @ West Virginia — West Virginia fucking stinks. That’s putting it very kindly to be honest.

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