Big Monday

We won’t talk about the 1-4 record yesterday, too many things going on. Instead we’ll talk about how fucking great Bradley Coopers hair looked what a man rocket. Just dominating the Oscars and Lady Gaga tried to get him to cheat he didn’t. Man of honor, one of a kind. A girl once told me I was the ugliest version of Bradley Cooper she’s ever seen, still the dopest compliment I’ve ever gotten.

Anyways onto the picks for Monday.

Kansas -4 vs Kansas State – Remember what I wrote about Kansas not going to lose to Tech? Well they lost by 30 and that was supposed to be in this blog. Editors mistake, I don’t make mistakes.

FSU -12.5 vs Notre Dame- Only four college games tomorrow so we’re forced to pick this. Haven’t watched a ton of FSU they always seem to fade in March, but always win the games they’re supposed to. So we’ll take them.

Iowa State -8.5 vs Who cares – Hilton magic, next pick bums.

Lakers -5 @ Memphis – The Lakers legit fucking suck, but playing basketball in Memphis on an awful team has to be just as bad.

76ers +1.5 @ NO- Only dog we’re taking tomorrow because Mondays already are dog days. See what I did there? Big fucking brain.

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