Huge Sunday incoming people, we start at 705 am with Man U/ Liverpool, followed by Chelsea vs City. Soccer boner is a 10/10. We won’t talk about Tigers last 4 holes but golf should be interesting too. We head to Atlanta for NASCAR week two, and hit the night cap of the season finale of a great season of True Detective. Wow, I literally might not leave the couch all fucking day. Gambling wise could be a big day for me. 4-1 yesterday thanks for nothing as always Kansas.

Southampton +1 vs Arsenal — There is no bias because your boy here was a Southampton camp attender as a child. None at all, but once a saint always a saint.

Liverpool -.5 @ United — United are good but they’re injuries scare me here. Liverpool is out for blood and this is a no win for United fans.

Michigan -4.5 vs MSU- Huge Big10 game here, no Nick Ward and on the road. Makes me want to puke in my mouth it’s too easy. Which makes it scary, but I don’t get scared.

Minnesota +1 @ Rutgers– ??????? Really? This is a real line. I guess they’re giving out free money tomorrow.

Man City first half -.5 vs Chelsea — 3 soccer bets tomorrow?! Are you serious Brady you crazy son of a bitch?!

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