What’s Next For Zion?

The much anticipated Duke UNC game was this past Wednesday and something happened that no one could have ever predicted. If you don’t know by now, 33 seconds into the game the future of the Knicks organization, Zion Williamson, busted through his shoe as he planted his foot at the top of the key going down and injuring his knee. This was a huge let down in the game everyone was looking forward to see Zion dominate UNC but after he went down Duke didn’t play as they should have and eventually went on to lose the game in blowout fashion.

So after Zion went down there has been much talk about what he should now do with his career at Duke. As of now Zion is pretty much everyone’s #1 pick across the board and I really don’t see any team passing on him no matter what happens so that sparks the question of does he sit out until the draft? I say the smartest thing to do would be to sit out until the draft and not risk injuring himself. But as a fan of college basketball I would love to see him back on the court and Duke at full strength in the tournament. Some people are comparing this to college football players sitting out bowl games but this is completely different, March Madness is not comparable to a meaningless bowl game. I think the best option for Zion would be to sit out the rest of the regular season and come back for the tournament.

By Andrew Kalb


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