I almost didn’t bet today

Terrible day yesterday, I honestly don’t know how we get through Thursday, and Fridays until March madness. The slate tomorrow is horrid, absolutely disgusting. I almost considered not gambling because I locked my keys in my car today so I’m done with the world. But the MAC saved us a little and as always the one random Big 10 game.

Iowa -5.5 vs Indiana — Indiana is coming off heartbreak vs Purdue this team is going to quit. You just don’t recover from that shit when you’re .500.

Harvard -2 @ Brown — Shocked Brown has a basketball team to be honest. Aren’t they the shitty Ivy League school?

IUPUI -8.5 vs UWM– Milwaukee is good at basketball. Marquette is good, the Bucks are the best. Sadly UW – Milwaukee is an embarrassment not only on the court, but in every aspect of their being.

Rhode Island +2 vs Davidson- Brady takes Rhode Island because of last year, wash, rinse , repeat.

Bowling Green -4.5 @ Ohio- The MACs battle for Ohio on a Friday evening?! Does it get any bigger ladies and gentlemen!!

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