Savior them people, we only have a few left and then we have to pretend to care about baseball. This one is loaded top to bottom we will do a 5 team parlay to get the day going.

Wisconsin -6 @ Northwestern — Northwestern is bad, the badgers are bad something has to give here but the badgers have more to play for. Give me the Badgers by 10.

Kansas +5.5 @ Tech — I said this a couple weeks ago, this Kansas team will get a share of the Big 12 title. Tomorrow is a huge step for that, and I think they’ll take it.

UNC -7.5 vs Florida State- Trap game after beating Duke. This is an old UNC team that didn’t play their best at Duke so we’ll ride them in this spot.

Virginia -5.5 @ Louisville– Louisville is weird and I don’t like them. That’s not very good analysis but I could care less you bum.

Marquette -3.5 @ Providence — This isn’t the old Big East and Marquette is the best team. They won’t let the conference title slip.

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