The Money Man

Listen people will say “Oh Zion got hurt Brady it was that good of a pick just lucky.” Shut the fuck up. I’m smarter than you, and better than you that’s why my pick hit not a injury. Today’s slate is back to rock bottom, we at least have the NBA back to cover a bit. Still not going to bet the NBA today because they’re fresh off a break, and probably wish they were still on vacation.

Michigan -5 @ Minnesota — I feel gross typing this, probably going to be a good atmosphere but MN is still a loser state. Any state that claims Kirk Cousins as there’s is no friend of this program.

Arizona -13.5 vs Cal– Everyone was against Cal earlier this year in a game and I took them. They covered for me so I feel like I’m cheating on them here, but you know the saying once a cheater, always a cheater.

Charleston -2 @ W&M — William and Mary is young, and has struggled. This isn’t the usual Charleston powerhouse of the CAA but we’ll take them none the less.

Bryant +1.5 vs Wagner– Slight underdog at home, this game is literally useless but I’m bored and hate the NBA tonight.

Nets +2.5 vs Blazers- Only reason I’m taking this is Blazers players returned from all around the world Wednesday. Only to have a cross country flight to Brooklyn the next day and start a road trip? Fucking yikes people.

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