Landon Collins leaving the Giants for good — Giants are dumb to not bring him back


I’m realllllyyyy starting to get a headache with this stuff. I’m really at a loss of words.

Why the Giants aren’t bringing back Landon Collins is actually criminal. Like, I think people can be locked up for this. Honestly though, what are the Giants doing. What are they thinking? Collins has NO control and now you just gave him everything.

1. If you knew you weren’t gonna resign him this offseason, why not trade him at the deadline? Teams were offering a 3rd round pick.

2. Why not franchise tag Collins and then trade him this offseason?

(can’t do that now because everyone under the sun knows that they have no interest in bringing him back longer term)

3. How about, you know the most logical thing to do, FRANCHISE TAG COLLINS AND MAKE HIM PLAY THIS YEAR.

This team says they’re all about going all in and contending for a Super Bowl. Well you know how you do that? By having one of the best safeties in the league on your team. And you know what’s even better? HAVING AT LEAST ONE SAFTEY ON YOUR TEAM. I don’t even think the Giants have a safety now.

I’m really confused by this move that I have an actual headache. And the best part? If you didn’t want to resign him long term, that’s fine but he could’ve played one more year, this year, for us to contend or you could’ve got assets for him. Now he just walked away for nothing.

I loved LC. I think he’s an incredible football player and leader. I don’t blame him for this. I blame the gutless, coward owner that we have. He is the worst.

Goodbye Old Friend. I’ll miss you

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