Jed Lowrie signed with the Mets — But now he’s officially a Met

Meet the Mets. Greet the Mets. Step right up and have ever player on your team land on the DL (yes DL, none of this “IL” shit) for the wholeeeee seasonnnnnn.

This is a comedy act at this point. Well, the Mets organization has been forever. Lowrie was signed by the Mets because he’s a good ball player, but also because of how durable he is. The last 2 seasons, a total of 324 games, Lowrie has missed 14 of those. Durability at its finest.

But, when he joins the Mets, well, the initiation takes place. 14 games missed out of 324 with the A’s and now can’t even get on the field for spring training activities with the Mets. Seems fitting.

And people are gonna say, “he’s fine. He just has a sore knee.” And you would be right, until the season starts and we hear about this sore knee for the whole season and in August we get the news that he has to miss the season because the knee wasn’t properly treated when it should’ve been. And you’re a big dummy if you think anything else will happen.

So, the Lowrie signing was fun for the time being. Maybe next hear he’ll be healthy. Can’t wait to see the next domino to fall. Buckle up Mets fan, 2019 season is already upon us.

But congrats to Jed, he’s officially a Met!,

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