Tobacco Road

If it wasn’t for the Big 12 I’d honestly probably be batting somewhere around .790 this year. But I’m stupid and always bet the Big 12, but today is one of the best college basketball days of the year. The best rivalry in basketball, it’s Carolina vs Duke.

UNC +9 @ Duke/ Under 166– This is Duke, UNC baby it’s always fucking close. If North Carolina wants to keep it close they need to hold Duke under 80. I think it’s possible and I’m sticking with this fuckers. Lets go Heels.

LSU -5.5 vs Florida– UF fucking stinks, they’re no good, they haven’t been good since Donavan left.

Nova -5.5 @ Georgetown — Nova sneakily has turned into a decent squad this year. Early they were terrible but Jay Wright is a top 3 coach in the nation. GT will be good but let’s wait a couple years people.

Rutgers +16.5 @ Michigan State- I’ll admit, this may not be the Rutgers of old. One of the worst basketball schools ever is showing signs of coming out of the basement. MSU is hurt right now too so Rutgers could hang around.


Justin Thomas +900 to win the tournament because of this this photo, and this photo alone.

Top 10 finishers- Spieth +250, finau +225, Kopeka +175

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