Walking on fire

4-1 Monday, what a way to start the week! I called that Wisconsin game, said they’d win by 7 it was 6 I’ll try to be better I’m sorry. Any how were on to Tuesday pretty decent slate as far as top 25 matchups go. Honestly being a fucking degenerate will help come March with the tourney. Thoughts and prayers to our man Hayden Fenner on his Virginia bad beat.

Buffalo -19.5 vs Ohio — Listen this is a ton of points for a team not in the top 5 in the nation but Buffalo doesn’t let us down. We’ll ride them because it’s MAC Tuesdays.

Iowa -1.5 vs Maryland — Battle for the fourth seed in the Big 10 will come down to this game it seems. Maryland doesn’t really have a star and Iowa is tough at home.

Indiana +5 vs Purdue — At home, in state rivalry game during a miserable season. Gimmie Indiana to win a signature win for this program headed into next year.

Penn State -2.5 vs Nebraska – Honest to god Nebraska seems like its loses 24/7 in everything. They’re on the road and could probably care less about this game. We’re betting a lot of big 10 tomorrow.

Tennessee -18.5 vs Vanderbilt– UT will be fucking pissed after getting shown up by Kentucky. Little exposed and if you look at their schedule it’s tough to find good wins. This will be a blow out because the SEC stinks.

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