Not the first time I’ve been heartbroken in Daytona

That race was nuts, Jimmie Johnson was running good, Kyle Busch up front the whole race. Got heartbroken in Daytona once before on spring break, nice girl, made me forget I had a girlfriend for a whole week. NASCAR is kind of cool when they talk strategy it’s like millionaire hometown hicks arguing about what type of truck is better, except with fast cars. Anyway Busch took second ripped our hearts out, ya boy sprained his foot last night but 3-0 in college basketball. Bachelor Monday but we’ll pick regardless. By the way this picture is actually insane.

Virginia -4.5 @ Va Tech — Rivalry week ladies and gentlemen, don’t love this pick because Tech can get hot shooting but Virginia is a lot better. We’ll see but in my toes I feel a blow out one way or the other.

Illinois +10.5 @ Wisconsin — Wisconsin can barely score 50 points a game, they’ll win easy but winning by 7 is winning by 40 for them.

Kansas State -6.5 @ WV– Country roads take me home, to when West Virginia was good at basketball. Curse of Jordan McCabe maybe? Yikes, they stink!

Eastern Washington -13.5 vs Idaho– Can you imagine living in Idaho honestly. Fucking wild people actually live there.

TCU -3.5 @ Oklahoma State– OK State doesn’t have 10 wins. That’s all I got for you folks.

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