No clue what I went yesterday but for the people of the blog we’ll make 5 drunk picks at 3am. Btw Lubbock awful town, decent fucking girls though but they wear weird pants but we will discuss that later.

1.) MSU -11.5 vs OSU — Osu stinks and the whole school is a pile.

2.) Houston -16.5 @ Tulane — Tulane has 4 wins don’t be a dummy. Don’t get cute or I’ll beat your ass.

3.) St Johns +3 vs Nova — whispers *nova is overrated* ducks and runs.

4.) Kyle Busch +1200 to win the 500– LETS GO FUCKING RACING BOYS

5.) Jimmie Johnson Top 3 finish +1800– I have no clue I’m drunk. But last time I checked he won like 15 championships in a row.

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