AAF Power Rankings After Week 1

Last week we got our first look at the newest foot all league, the AAF. Once, i found out about the league, I immediately became a big fan of it. Lots of former college stars, good coaches and good cities, I had a feeling I’d be hooked onto this league. I wrote about why the AAF will be a huge success, here. Anyway, neither here or there, last week was week 1 of the AAF. Mikey did a great job recapping the week, and you can view that here.

Again, neither here nor there, but you should read those articles if you want to keep yourself updated on the AAF. What I’m gonna do here is give my Power Rankings for the AAF heading into week

Power Rankings:

1.Arizona Hotshots (1-0)

Plain and simple, the Hotshots dominated. It wasn’t all easy in their season opener against Salt Lake, but their defense looked like it was good enough to be a championship defense and their offense, definitely, looked good enough to win a title. 38 points on offense, with Josh Wolford leading the way, the Hotshots looked like the team to beat in the AAFZ. Does that mean it’ll last? We will see, but it’s a good start in Arizona.

2. Birmingham Irons (1-0)

I was flirting with putting the Iron at number one, and I really did want too. But I put the Hotshots ahead because I think the Salt Lake team Arizona best down is a better team than the Memphis Express. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the Iron aren’t a top team in the AAF. Their defense shut out the Express and their QB Luis Perez looks like the early MVP candidate. I think this team is legit and a prime title contender.

3. Orlando Apollos (1-0)

Hold the phone folks. Did anyone see the Apollos falling to #3 in the power rankings after setting a week 1 high 40 points and holding the Legends to only 6? I sure didn’t. The Apollos kicked off the AAF and immediately looked like the team to beat. This team is legit and with Gilbert leading the charge, the Apollos have an MVP candidate in their QB. The reason they fall to 3 was purely off the eye test. They beat a Legends team that barely played Aaron Murray and Denard Robinson. They played great, but the competition was down.

*side prediction* I believe the Apollos and Iron are on a crash course to meet in the Eastern Conference Championship Game.

4. Salt Lake Stallions (0-1)

Yes, the Stallions lost. Yes, San Antonio is 1-0. Yes, Salt Lake is better than San Antonio. The Stallions put up a good fight against the Hot Shots in the first half and showed fight towards the end. I won’t fault them for playing the best team. The defense needs to improve but the offense looks solid to win ball games.

5. San Antonio Commanders (1-0)

I know, they won the game. But the team looked sloppy. A 15-6 win is nothing to ride home about. The offense didn’t look efficient at all. The defense was good, but was that because the Fleets offense was so bad?

6. San Diego Fleet (0-1)

I expected more from the San Diego team. Not scoring a TD in the game was a bad look. The defense looked okay, but only when they got to the redzone. They gave up to many big plays but were lucky enough to not give up more points. We’ll see if they can rebound next game.

7. Atlanta Legends (0-1)

I was SHOCKED to see the Legends fall flat on their face. I lie,d their entire roster. But why is Aaron Murray and Denard Robinson not playing? Play them and you win games. Plain and simple.

8. Memphis Express

The Christian Hackenberg experiment is over after 1 AAF game. Start Zach Mettenberger and you got a chance to win games.

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