No fun Friday

Wow, we’ve officially reached rock bottom ladies and gentlemen when it comes to basketball. One top 25 matchup today, and 0 NBA games if you’re going to ever spend a night in jail make it tonight. We went 3-2 last night, absolute massacre in that Houston game my god.

Princeton -1.5 vs Harvard– If you can’t beat them in academics beat them in basketball baby. This is honestly the second best game of the night on the slate.

Davidson -10 vs St Joesph– Davidson actually played pretty decent against some big teams earlier this year, St Joes stinks.

Buffalo -4 @ Toledo — We faded Buffalo last time out, and it feels like they play literally every day. This is a huge game in the MAC but I think Buffalo will sneak it out. They’re too deep at guard to not win the MAC.

Northern Kentucky -1.5 @ Wright State– ??? Got literally nothing besides Kentucky has 20 wins.

Watford -.5 @ QPR– I literally can’t stand to bet another one of those garbage ass basketball games so I’m betting soccer here in 15 minutes. Sorry not sorry fuckers.

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