The “Tough, Cruel” NY Media Still Can’t Get Over Matt Harvey

They say the lights shine bright in New York. That everything you do is under a microscope, especially if you’re a superstar. And that is true. The bigger the city, the bigger the stars, the bigger the stories. All of that is true. And since that is true, you would think the guys writing these stories are these big, tough guys. People who have no problem saying it to the face of the star players instead of hiding behind a computer to type these stories. Right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought that.

The NY Media members, except a few (shout out Adam Rubin, we cool), are a bunch of cowards. Instead of trying to ask the tough questions or speak up to these athletes, especially when they have access whenever they want, they hide behind their computers to try and make a player a villain. I have had enough of these people. It’s time they start writing stuff fans care about.

For example:



What is wrong with this image? Yes, you can say that Gsellman is not in the running for the 5th starter and Vargas has that as a lock. That is a problem, but that’s not the headline. You know, a headline that would make sense since its about the 2019 Mets.

But no, that can’t be the headline. That doesn’t get you the CLICKS!! What does get you the clicks? Still talking about the Mets former Ace, Matt Harvey.

It’s coming up on the 1 year anniversary since Harvey has been DFA from the Mets. He has pitched for two teams since being on the Mets, and plays on the complete other side of the United States now, and the NY media STILL has to talk about him. They still have to talk about him being a “bad teammate” (I have never heard a former teammate of Harvey say anything bad about him, by the way). But the cowards that are the NY media have to still talk about Matt Harvey because it saves their jobs. They’re doing the same thing with Odell Beckham Jr, painting a picture on a guy, that’s not true, so they can generate traffic on their links. It makes me sick. And once these players are actually out of town, they have nothing else to write about, so they continue to write about these guys. The media realizes that without these guys, they don’t have a job.

And you might be saying, “well you’re doing the same thing with this article.” But you would be wrong, because,

  1. I won’t make money on this blog
  2. I defend the players, always
  3. If i had a bad thing to say about these guys, I would say it to their face, if i had the chance.


Instead of writing about Jacob deGrom’s contract disputes, Jason Vargas being the Mets 5th starter, the Islanders dominating the NHL, Aaron Judge’s potential MVP season, the Giants/Jets upcoming draft, you know important things, they have to write about a guy who used to play for the Mets, and write negatively about one of the best football players in the NFL.

It makes me laugh. These guys are such losers. Every player should laugh in their face.

And again, its not everyone, but it’s most.


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