Happy Valentine’s Day to my love.

It’s there everyday when I wake up, sometimes we have good days some are bad. It’s really like any other relationship to be honest, I lose a lot more than I win but sacrifice makes it worth it. So to gambling I love you, and you are very special to me. 4-1 yesterday with my love after 4 days of missionary gambling going 2-3, 3-2. So today we will go 5-0 to show our love to you.

Houston -8.5 @ UConn- Houston is very good, they won’t make a run in the tournament because I say so but they’ll play well here. Trap game for gambling because everyone thinks UConn is the old UConn. Use your brain or mine for god sake and bed Houston.

FIU -2.5 vs Rice– Guys I’m trying to stay positive because today is about love but this board sucks. The NBA is at the all star break so we’re not touching that shit.

Ohio State -8.5 vs Illinois– If you’re below Rutgers in the big 10 standings and on the road you’re dead to me. Loser state, loser school haven’t been good in forever.

LM +21.5 vs Gonzaga — Gonzaga will probably win 92-36 but my heart is telling me to do something crazy. This is crazy for me, I’m a wild man with a rampant love for this pick.

Delaware +2 @ Townson– Big CAA guy here and a bigger William and Mary guy. Delaware stinks, only known for having the best air traffic controller in the world everything else sucks. Hammer them anyway because I say so.

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