Wake me up when Odell Beckham Jr actually gets traded

Legit tears 😂😂.

If you didn’t hear what Gettleman said here, I’ll spell it out for you.

First he gives a nice long laugh and then says “we didn’t sign him to trade him”.

Hold on, I’ll spell it out again.

“wE dIdN’t SiGn hIm To tRaDe HiM”

Did you hear that? Do I have to say it again? Fine.

*clears throat*


So Jay Glazer and Pro Football Talk, I know you have to get your clicks in so you can make an income, but just shut up already. It’s only February. I expect this nonsense in April. Not now, I’m to tired for this right now. Just please shut up.

Like I said, wake me up when Odell is actually traded. I except to be asleep for the next 5 years if that’s the case.

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