Monday‘s suck unless you get rich.

We all continue are miserable lives today. Monday mornings are literally the worst, but we have the bachelor tonight, and we’re going to make thousands of dollars. Went 2-3 yesterday, Hackenberg is a god awful QB no chance that over was going to hit.

Kansas +2.5 @ TCU — “Brady Kansas hasn’t won on the road, and just lost their second best player!!” Exactly why I’m hammering Kansas tonigbt this Big 12 title isn’t out of reach yet fuckers. This is actually my lock of the night.

UNC +1 vs Virginia — This is a tricky game, UNC always plays awful against Virginia but they’re at home. Virginia’s only two loses on the year are to Duke. But this is a veteran Tar Heels team, I think UNC steals one.

Knicks +1.5 @ Cleveland– 10-45 vs 11-45 what a barn burner. Someone said the Knicks have lost 28 of their last 30 which is honest to god inspiring. The Cavs just literally have no one and the Knicks have some players now I’ll take the Knicks.

Bucks -11.5 @ Bulls — The Bucks don’t lose back to back games and certainly wont to the fucking Bulls. The best team in the NBA rolls today.

Baylor -4.5 vs Oklahoma– Deep in the Big12 bag on this Monday afternoon. These two teams are tough to figure out but Baylor is at home.

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