I finally lost on a Saturday.

Unfucking believable, we went 4-1 yesterday but lost the parlay because Marquette only won by 1. We had them -1.5 thoughts and prayers for me, can’t really complain we won two games by .5 a point yesterday. Saturday’s are really the best during college basketball and football season. Moves us to a humbling 14-1 the last 3 Saturday’s. Speaking of football!!! How about the fucking AAF, I was down on it but it was legit football. After the prostitution ring, and Trent Richardson I am all in on the Iron.

Birmingham Iron -3 vs Memphis / Over 48.5 — Listen I literally know nothing about this league so we’re blind betting but this is my team. Home teams won both games Saturday and had decent crowds. Also the GMs said the Iron have the best roster.

Iowa -7.5 vs NW– Northwestern could be the second worst team in the Big 10. They are god awful, and need to consider firing their coach soon. He had one magical season and hasn’t built on it. Iowa is sneaky good they have no bad loses.

Indiana -2.5 vs Ohio State- These teams both stink. But Indiana has the better guards and have been playing better as of late.

UCF +1 @ SMU — We can’t go with both prostitution teams, we already picked the Iron. Another notorious prostitution team will go down in SMU, and UCF will revenge the hateful talk I had about them earlier this week.

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