Back to back to back

We’re not talking about yesterday, fuck that slate and fuck you NCAA. Our first ever 0-5 on the blog what in the fuck was that. Rider was up 7 with 3 minutes left and blew it, Kent State fell apart, bad. Anyway tomorrow is a savior we have real games, and we’re back on the 5 game parlay to win another 1,000.

Michigan -6 vs Wisconsin — Bucky has been on fire but Michigan won’t lose twice to the Badgers. These are games the Badgers usually get blown out in, its been awhile and that offense has no bench scoring.

Marquette -1.5 vs Nova– Nova is starting to figure it out and Marquette has slowed a bit. This will be a slug fest but when you haven’t lost a Saturday game in weeks you just know.

Duke +2 @ Virginia — Duke is a better basketball team than Virginia plain and simple folks. Don’t get cute Duke covers everything.

Tennessee -10.5 vs UF- Florida stinks at basketball this year just disgusting stuff when they’re on the court.

Mississippi St +4.5 vs UK — This is where Kentucky will finally look like a young team. This game has been coming awhile and they have the big game with UT coming. Trap fucking game folks.

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