2/7/19 will go down as a Fitzmagical night

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve had a night like last night. First I would like to give a major shoutout to Youngstown State for hitting a buzzer beater 3 pointer to knock off the pesky U-W Milwaukee Panthers last night. After hitting my parlay and then Houston handing it to UCF, I decided to throw down on the Trailblazers with the over. What’s better than waking up at 1 am and asking “Siri, Portland Trailblazers score” and she answers that they blew out the Spurs and scored a boat load of points? Nothing, absolutely nothing.







Step aside Brady, there is a new Sheriff in town and I’m coming guns a blazing. Tonight’s Picks:

College Basketball:

St. Louis -2.5

Princeton +8

Siena -2

(terrible fucking slate tonight)


Pistons -8.5

Nets -8.5

BIGGGGGGG eight and a half guys tonight in the NBA LETS RIDEEEEEE!!!

If you’re ballsy you’ll just parlay all 5 and skip work on Monday.

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick



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