This is the most predictable cold streak of my life.

I feel bad for people who didn’t know me before I started writing here. Notorious loser, couldn’t pick anything right, always wrong. Starting to win all the time when I first joined this site was the worst possible thing to happen me and my ego. The Super Bowl was my Mona Lisa and I fell flat, just a classic Brady pick. Sweaty palms, sexy over smarts just a fucking idiot. But I am a warrior and will never quit were riding high on Cassie’s one on one right now. 1-4 yesterday if you didn’t catch the drift, Lakers, Kansas, and Michigan St are dumpster fires right now. We need to rebound in a big way on Wednesday, a holy day none the less.

Davidson -4.5 vs Rhode Island – Fuck Rhode Island they’ve cross we one too many times this year I am done with those losers. Davidson beat Wisconsin like 10 years ago with Steph Curry so my brain still thinks they’re good, lets ride with them.

Nevada – 12.5 @ Colorado State- Colorado State doesn’t even have 10 wins yet, and Nevada have been our Saturday darlings so well ride the Pack to get on track. I’m so excited for those first couple days of march madness.

Temple -2.5 vs UCONN — Go Owls baby, UCONN has been low key trash for a very long time. Ever since they left the Big East they’ve been kind of irrelevant I feel. Were all in on the favorites tomorrow no dogs, no glory.

Wisconsin -1.5 @ Minnesota– Badgers are red hot and the state of Minnesota breeds pathetic losers. This is the easiest pick of the entire week, what a miserable fucking state.

California +15.5 @ Oregon– I love you Aaron Rodgers, please, please dig me out of this fucking hole.


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