We stopped the bleeding.

Last night could’ve been a disaster but our two honey holes came through. God bless Lubbock Texas, and god bless whoever plays Maryland East Shore. Piss dog Tuesday big, big day.

Michigan State -9.5 @ Illinois– Oh boy. Michigan State is falling apart they don’t have enough good shooters, and have been awful on defense. But I have a feeling they’ll figure it out again here before they big stretch of their schedule.

Marquette -5.5 vs St Johns — St Johns just got blown out by Duke and always do when they play anyone relevant. Boooo this team. Marquette is decent, that’s as nice as I can be.

Lakers -3.5 @ Pacers– Lebron is back and always plays well against the Pacers. The pacers are now attempting to tank also so this should be interesting next couple weeks.

Toledo -6.5 vs Akron — It’s Tuesday we have to bet on the MAC at least once. Those are the rules.

Kansas +2 @ Kansas State- Every time I bet Kansas they lose, every time I don’t they look like world beaters. No fucking clue on this pick.

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