I have no idea why I’m gambling today but I am

Super Bowl Sunday couldn’t have gone any worse for me. What a disaster of a game, I hammered the Rams thinking me and Mcvay were the second comings of this generation. We went from yachts to a 4 x 4 boat with one sail all bloody barely making it to shore. All the momentum leading to my big day and I fell flat. I just woke up it’s 3:45pm, thought about not blogging but I’m not a fucking coward. This could be the start of an epic cold streak or a one day fluke.

Texas Tech -9.5 — What do you do when you’re ice cold and can barely afford to live? You go back to your fucking roots and remember who you are. Lubbock baby I’m back.

V- Tech -3.5 vs Louisville– This game sucks but I hate the NBA slate. Should really be a pick em game because I don’t trust either team but Louisville is a fraud.

Savannah St -1.5 @ MD East Shore- The OG riders know we went deep in our bag one night to go against MD east shore and we barely won. Like I said, back to our fucking roots today.

Northwestern -2.5 vs Penn State– Fitz was dancing on my grave this morning, so I kind of hope if I do flop to inflict a little pain on him with this pick. By the way pray for the Bears, they want nothing to do with the Packers week 1.

Nuggets -4.5 @ Detroit– I hate picking road teams in the NBA it’s so random night to night. It’s close to the all star break so none of these teams care. I just feel like Denver is one of the few teams that tries every night.

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