Super Bowl 53 Preview and Predictions

The final football game of the year is finally here. This was a great year for both college and professional football. Even though college football is better I still enjoyed the NFL this year. The whole NFL season comes down to this one game between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. Coming into the season you could of told me the Patriots and Rams would be in the Super Bowl come February and I would have believed you. The Patriots are a historically great franchise coming off a Super Bowl loss last year to the Eagles and still have Tom Brady under center so with him on your team really anything is possible. The Rams are coming off an early playoff exit last year but with the acquisitions of a few marquee defensive players during the off season and a high powered offense consisting of coach Sean Mcvay, QB Jared Goff and star RB Todd Gurley this team looked to make some noise this year. Let’s get into how I think the game on Sunday will turn out.

#2 Los Angeles Rams vs #2 New England Patriots

Sunday, February 3rd 6:30 PM

los-angeles-rams-logo-transparent  Super_Bowl_LIII_logo.png 580b585b2edbce24c47b2b3b

There has been tons of controversy leading up to this game mostly on the Rams side. If you don’t know by now there was a missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship that would have put the Saints in good position to take the lead but instead were forced to take a field goal. Saints fans and fans across the NFL have blamed this on the refs and Roger Goodell. There is nothing that could be done about it now but it was a terrible missed call. This game could look completely different if 1 or 2 plays went the other way. One of the plays being the pass interference call, if that gets called the Saints are most likely in the superbowl and the other play would be if Dee Ford just went inside. If he takes a step back the Chiefs are more than likely playing in this game. But those plays didn’t happen so here we are with the Patriots and Rams. The Rams are a great team and all but I really don’t see them winning this game they definitely have the talent to win but I think this game will be all Patriots. It will be a close game like most of the Patriots super bowl’s are but I really can’t see Brady and Belichick losing this game. A close game from start to finish but the Patriots come out on top by the score of 27-24.


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