Super bowl props!!

HOLY FUCK ITS ALMOST GAMBLING CHRISTMAS. Literally the cocaine to my existence, my life blood when I think about the weekends. There are certain rules when it comes to the Super Bowl and one is always bet 10x more on props then you do the game. LFG horny about this stuff.

NATIONAL ANTHEM OVER 1:47– IF YOU DONT BET THE OVER ON THE ANTHEM YOURE A TERRORIST! Pink was a national tragedy last year and we won’t talk about it. All fucking in on the over. This is the first rule of the Super Bowl. It took her over 3 minutes to sing America the Beautiful 12 years ago. She holds her notes this is all positives for us.

Tails coin toss -105– Guys let’s not get cute here. We all know there’s 0.0 percent chance this is heads our whole life we’ve been raised on Packers, God, Family, and Tails never fails.

Super Bowl MVP Rex Burkhead +8000– Guys, they’ve been using him a lot lately I don’t care if you put 10 dollars on this it will happen by the miracle of god and we’ll all be fucking rich.

Jersey number of first scorer +26.5- The Rams will score first from Gurley and that’s all I have to say about that. LFG.

Blue Gatorade on the winning coach +450- Both teams have blue in their colors, and the patriots have used blue twice in the past.

Tony Romo correctly guessing over 7.5 plays -110– Tony Romo was finally the MVP of a championship game last week. Dude just dominates broadcasts and calls a ton of Patriots game. Hell shine on the biggest stage.

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