Back on track

Betting is so dumb, can’t miss an NBA pick one day, 0-2 yesterday then all the sudden am 3-0 in college games. Well take it another winning night. This is a scary time, we have one football game left and immediately after we get the NBA taken from us for a week. Thoughts and prayers we can do this you guys.

Wisconsin -3.5 vs Maryland — My Badgers are rolling coming into the heart of their Big 10 schedule. They need to win this game and the next because their February is brutal. Well take them covering at home, they need someone from the bench to step up and I think they will.

Michigan -2.5 @ Iowa– Iowa is a tough place to play but this Michigan team is just too good. Only three top 25 games every night besides Tuesday and Saturday should be illegal.

Bowling Green +8.5 vs Buffalo — Bowling Green is undefeated at home, and is second in the MAC right now. Well take them covering, I don’t think they’ll win but they should keep this game close.

Harvard -1.5 vs Yale– Battle of the nerds, don’t they play every year to go to the tournament? I feel like Harvard always wins and that doesn’t change tomorrow folks.

Northern Kentucky -3.5 @ IUPUI — I always forget what Kentucky beat Wisconsin, and which one we beat by 20. I’m picking northern Kentucky because they covered for me earlier this year. No other reason.

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