Last night was a heat check and I bricked it

We had people cheering from the clouds after the 0-3 start but my brain is too big to lose bad and we rebounded with the final two. People were furious, best part about betting night games is you forget about all the early games. So I was 2-0 last night after 7pm which is another win for me and loss the haters. Couple comments, Rhode Island is dead to me, Brad Stevens doesn’t coach Butler anymore, and Indiana sucks. Okay time for Thursday’s picks LFG Brady time to paint.

Temple +10 @ Houston– Oh boy. Houston only has one loss and were ice cold on these college basketball picks but let’s ride this one out. By the way this might be one of the grossest college basketball skates EVER.

Purdue -5 @ Penn State– Penn state just lost to Rutgers at home. Purdue is ranked 15th in the country and have the best player in the Big10.

Pistons -2.5 vs Mavs — Mavericks are on a cross country back to back and are going from New York to Detroit. What a shitty city, can you imagine what Luka is going to think of seeing Detroit for the first time? It’s like -100 outside in the Midwest as well so extra motivation for the Mavs not to care.

Raptors -1.5 vs Bucks– Bucks are in the midst of a long road trip and I think the Raptors will want to make a statement at home. The Bucks have never, ever played well in Toronto.

Gonzaga -12.5 @ BYU- This is a disgusting pick but Gonzaga has covered everything lately. BYU only has one loss at home this year but Jimmer isn’t walking through that door and they marry faster than the military at that school so they suck.

5-0 tomorrow already calling it. Fuck I’m good at this stuff.

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