Am I the best gambler in the world?

When was the last time the internet ignored the most successful gambling man on the planet? Just no respect, piss dog Tuesdays are boring because there’s just no chance I lose ever. 4-1 again last night and I only bet Kansas because this is a Kansas friendly site and I feel bad being mean to them but they stink. Nevada, Wisconsin, Maryland all with easy covers we didn’t even break a sweat. Good thing I can gamble because I went 0-6 from three in intramural basketball last night.

Indiana -1.5 @ Rutgers– Rutgers is a ….I don’t even know what school they are. Irrelevant at everything , they stink they’re fun to bet once a year at the 9am Big10 tournament game. Indiana is no good either but nothing but love for Archie.

Rhode Island -2 @ Duquesne — Rhode Island fucked us a couple days ago. Their coach left after they made the tournament that’s on me. When has the state of Rhode Island let us down twice in one week? The answer is never my mortal lock.

Butler -3 vs Marquette- This is only because I hate Marquette and I once visited Butlers gym pretty cool place. Tough place to play wasn’t Hoosiers shot there or some shit?

Kings -5.5 vs Hawks– Hawks have made a comeback recently trying to get back into the NBA. Still no respect from them especially after kicking El Pres out of their arena bad, bad karma.

Wizards +1 vs Pacers — Pacers are going to be awful the rest of the year..and..*whispers* THE WIZARDS ARE BETTER WITHOUT JOHN WALL!! *ducks and runs because John Wall is scary*

BONUS WEEKLY GOLF PICKS FROM MR FENNER 🚨🚨 we travel to Dubai and he’s taking..

Stenson +2800 to win the tournament

Justin Rose as the top British finisher

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