I don’t lose on Tuesdays. Or any day really.

Back on track yesterday going 3-2. I got very cocky and bet that random SWAC game which killed us we should’ve went 4-1. Humble brag I said the Nets would lose by 8 they lose by 8. I say jump you say how high, these bets are like well trained dogs obeying my every command.

Kansas -1 @ Texas — This seems to be the most obvious pick of the night. Shaka smarts seat is hotter than Hannah G in that pink dress last night on the bachelor. Like her it’ll get hotter folks.

Buffalo -9.5 vs Ball State — They’ve been a loyal costumer on piss dog Tuesdays and they don’t start to let us down this week. Back to the fucking well we’re all Bulls!

Maryland -5.5 vs NW — Listen NW are a bunch of nerds and losers just like the whole state of Illinois. Maryland isn’t very good either but I digress they will cover because NW stinks.

Wisconsin +2 @ Nebraska– This will cause me to drink my own piss, pick with your head not your heart Brady. *Watches 5 minute highlight video of Brad Davison taking charges* okay we’re back let’s roll.

Nevada -8.5 @ UNLV– Bulls, Badgers, Terps, and wolves motherfuckers. All in on the animals tomorrow. No piss drinking for this guy, just a mental stallion on Tuesdays.

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