Redford Jones and Fitz Back on Board

Last Friday the Bears broke the news that they would be signing former Tulsa placekicker Redford Jones to the team to compete against Cody Parkey. I’m a little disgusted we are still entertaining delusion with the whole “Cody Parkey” still being on the roster, like we all forgot the 11 kicks he missed this past season. Enough of the Parkey talk on to the new kid. Honestly the kids name is Redford, so therefore it’s his job and I haven’t seen the Hudl tape. After combing the internet I found a video of Redford “double doinking” a ball back in his Tulsa phase, but as a person with short term memory I blocked it out of my mind as a mere coincidence (plus he fucking makes it).

Finally on a reddit kicking thread I found the Hudle video I had been searching for. It was the answer to the question every Chicago fan was asking “WHO IS REDFORD JONES?!”

If you guessed “Cali kid who loves to work hard on his craft as well as catch a few waves in between slicing uprights” then you’re correct. How about the balls it takes to throw in a montage of you surfing in your NFL Free Agent Video. I would say balls of steel, this kid is so damn confident in his leg that in the middle of his video to lure real NFL Teams to sign him he throws in himself “catching some gnarly waves bro”. That’s a real power move right there, showing NFL teams you’re athletic as piss and can kick long balls should check every box for most scouts. I’m all for the Bears keeping this Cali Crusher for the long haul.

Ps I’ll catch waves anytime with ya Redford, heard Lake Michigan has some GNAR!!!

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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