Kansas Jayhawks Panic Meter: 4.7

After the loss to Kentucky, I walked out of the game thinking Kansas was a better team than Kentucky. I think Kansas is a better team than Kentucky. I think they win the game if it’s on a neutral site. Kansas is so young that it’s tough to win these road games. Once things go negatively, they haven’t responded in those moments. That’s what happens to a young team. It happens, but hey gotta start growing up sooner rather than later.

Kansas is not a very good road team. They’re just not. They’re 1-4 in true road games. With that being said, there are no road games in March. Kansas has played well on a neutral court this year. And, if Kansas gets into the Midwest region, the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 is in the Sprint Center.

Kansas is 3-0 in neutral site games (wins against Michigan State, Marquette and Tennessee).

They’re 1-4 in “true road games”

Every game in March is a neutral site game. Putting emphasis on “true road games” means close to nothing. Teams are supposed to win at home.

So that’s why I’m not panicking. If you asked me where my panic meter was after the loss at WVU, it would’ve been off the chart. However, after the Kentucky game, I felt confident. But they need to start stringing wins together.

Here’s the thing. Kansas is gonna get hot at one point or another his season, where every thing clicks. I rather that happen in a month than right now.

We’ll be alright. Just need to get the offense going.

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