Let’s gamble until we forget about football

This is the worst weekend of the year. A tease of what life is like without football until the second week of August. Just tragic, thank god we’ll have the NBA until June when Giannis lifts his first NBA title. We went 3-2 yesterday, lost two NBA games but we predicted that Indiana would be awful.

Iowa state +1 @ Ole Miss – Big games today are all the Big 12 vs SEC games. I think Iowa state will be a tough out in March and I just don’t trust these middle of the pack SEC teams.

Marquette -2.5 @ Xavier– This is trap game for Marquette but the Badgers beat Xavier which means Xavier stinks so we take the Eagles and we’re 2-0 before 2pm.

Tenn -13.5 vs West Virginia — West Virginia beat Kansas and proceeded to lose to a barely .500 team at home by 10. They fucking stink. Hammer the Vols, country road still a great tune though.

Kentucky -5.5 vs Kansas — This Kansas team has bounced the first weekend of March written all over it. They stink, if someone else doesn’t win the Big 12 this year we’re cancelling the conference sorry for making the rules. Tyler Herro is still ugly but the cats will cover.

VT -4.5 vs Cuse– Big Cat and PFT just visited Tech.

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