Best player in the world is an All Star Captian. Lebron is the other Captian.

Big congratulations to the best player in the world on being selected and all star Captian. The West Captian is some guy on the Lakers with a shitty hairline. Giannis is approaching Brett Favre man crush level right now. He has saved this Bucks franchise.

Finally the man with all the answers came up short. A 2-3 night brings us to a miserable weekly record of 18-5, honestly don’t know how anyone’s supposed to make a living going +13 units a week. I’ll be better, I have to be better. Michigan State might actually be really good or the Big10 is really really overrated. One day they’ll lose on the road.

Michigan -3.5 @ Indiana– Indiana has lost 4 of 5 but Michigan has stumbled as of late too. This would be a classic Big 10 upset game but the smart pick is Michigan, so we’ll take the Wolverines BARELY.

Creighton -1.5 vs Butler– Is Brad Stevens coaching Butler? No? Okay I’ll take Creighton and I can’t imagine anything else to do on a Friday night in Omaha besides go to a basketball game so they should be loud. We’re all Bluejays Friday!

Magic -3.5 vs Wizards– Playing the Warriors close then having to get on a plane and fly to Orlando where the last thing you want to do is play basketball. That sounds like a recipe for the Magic to win if they want to.

Hornets +11 @ Milwaukee — The Hornets always play Milwaukee tough I have no idea why. 11 is absurd amount of points for this game if Vegas had a brain they’d know this always comes down to a buzzer beater. Milwaukee will win because they have all star captain Giannis but it’ll be close.

Heat -9 @ CLE — Poor fucking Zion. He has to go play in Cleveland next year and not be as good as Lebron. Must suck, but he’s making a good name for all fat people right now so he has that.

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