Am I Vincent Chase?

This man cannot be stopped, as soon as I started rewatching entourage for the 7th time I knew it was trouble for the haters. I often like to think of myself as the Vincent Chase of this blog, most handsome, most successful all of the above. But being #Humble is truly what I’m about so if you people want to crown me that title so be it. 16-3 for the week honestly forgot what losing feels like, today is an awful day for sports besides being rock hard even though Tiger is +1 through 2.

GS -10 @ Wash– This is tricky game, GS flying across the country to start a road trip against a team they could care less about. The only thing that’s keeping us afloat here is KD is from the DMV so he’s going to show out.

Iowa +5.5 vs Sparty– Iowa is always tough to play in their little wrestling arena that happens to have a basketball court.

NC State +4 @ Louisville– Teddy Bridgewater and Slick Rick are the only things I can think about when it comes to Louisville so off pure principle well take the Wolfpack.

Wolves -1 @ LA — We can only ride the Wolves for so long before they let us down. It’s in the nature of being from MN but Lebron isn’t playing tonight and Rondo may not either.

Pelicans +12.5 @ OKC– Literally a disgusting time for sports, I’m going to force myself to bet and watch these trash games. I have no rhyme or reason for this other than OKC games are always close.

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