🚨🚨 Hide your wives, your girlfriends, any attractive female 18-45 this fucking guy is winning golf tournaments and back to himself off the course🚨🚨

In all seriousness Tiger returns for his first PGA event since we saw him win, and the coolest scene of the year him walking 18 with thousands behind him. Tiger is starting his year at Torrey Pines a place where he’s played very well. He’s also debuting his new Taylor Made clubs not that’ll make much of a difference this man is a fucking hoss. This tournament really doesn’t matter, we all know nothing matters until April when our man tries to claim his first Major in over 10 years now. We came so close last year, no athlete on the planet moves the needle like Tiger so we’ll all be up at 530 central time for our man on Thursday morning. He is so fucking back.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a very special guest Mr Hayden Fenner for some gambling picks.

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