Impeccable performance once again from Brady on a Tuesday night. Draw the people in with a 1-2 start then finish stronger than an Ox on the Oregon trail. Bad analogy because 95% of those things died but were just making shit up at this point. 12-3 to start the week, I’ve heard “The chosen one” , “Man on Fire” , “Line whisperer” far cry from Dropout, loser, no direction two years ago the haters are fucking furious.

Raptors +6 @ Indy — The race in the east is going to be interesting at the end of the year. With Philly and Boston most likely headed for a 4-5 matchup it’ll be interesting to see if Milwaukee and Toronto rest guys down the stretch to play Indiana in the 2-3 matchup.

Wisconsin -4 @ Illinois– Listen, being from that state is fucking miserable, D will isn’t walking through that door with coach Webber. Little side-note in HS coach Webber’s brother called me a shooter. People forget. It will get more miserable tonight then they’ll all claim they’re Northwestern fans.

TN -9 @ Vandy– Rivalry game? Tennessee first game as number one on the road? Don’t care, you go to Vandy to be close to Nashville not play basketball.

Marquette -7.5 vs DePaul — I’ll be the bigger person here for you guys and not hold my grudge against Marquette you’re all very welcome.

Pistons +4 @ NO — AD is literally this entire team and they fucking suck with him. This is the Brady Mortal lock of the night ladies and gentlemen.

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