Mariano Rivera, Mr. Unanimous

Mr. Unanimous!

It has finally happened. Mariano Rivera becomes the first Major League Baseball player to be unanimously voted into the Hall of Fame. 100%.

There was talk when Rivera hung it up for good that he’d be the first player to be unanimously voted in. We just didn’t know if some idiot baseball writer would down play the closer position and not vote him in. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

There isn’t a more deserving player but most importantly, person, for this honor. Rivera is the best closer in Baseball history and their is no doubt about it. A 1999 WS MVP, 652 saves (most all times), a career 2.21 ERA, 13x All-Star, 5x World Series Champion, 5x relief pitcher of the year, and his numbered retired as a New York Yankee.

There is a debate who the best basketball player of all time is, there’s a debate who the best football player is, the best QB, the best soccer player, but there is no debate that Mariano Rivera is the best relief pitcher in baseball history. You can’t make a legitimate argument against that. He is the true GOAT. (only Wayne Gretzky is the other true GOAT. No debating that either).

If there was one player to be voted in unanimously into the HOF and if there was one player to be the last guy to wear Jackie Robinson’s 42, Rivera is the guy that deserved both of those. And good thing he was the one to do both of those. No other guy deserved that. A class act on and off the field, the true GOAT.

Congrats, Mr. Unanimous!

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