Like all good detectives its time to take up cigs! True Detective Episode 3 recap

Alright, I was a little concerned about how well I followed the first two episodes, was understanding everything then bam. What in the actual fuck happened over those last 56 minutes, I had to go outside and smoke a fake cig like they do in the show because they always figure shit out while smoking. Ill link the first episodes recap at the bottom but lets press on for now.

As we talked about it seems this is going to take place in three different time periods, we start this episode with seeing detective West get dispositioned its the first time we see anyone besides Hayes in the future. He seems to have moved up a bit in the world and is now a LT in the Arkansas state police. They pretty much ask him the same questions to start and don’t really get anything out of him besides him saying they screwed over Hayes. Next we go all the way into the future with old man Hayes at the doctor. His son is concerned that his dad has basically lost all memory of everything longer than 24 hours ago, they argue about going into the home to which Hayes responds “I’ll off myself if you put me in there” We then go back to the what well call middle time when the case is about to be reopened, Hayes and his wife are at the Walgreens where the girls fingerprints were found and they decide to send her in as a single author looking for clues to get more information. She comes back drunk, and says that the girls fingerprints were only found in the makeup isle so its likely she was just a local resident shopping. We then go all the way back to the beginning and they’re searching the kids house for new clues, they find some creepy ass notes and figure out the kids were playing some game. He find more dolls and creepy ass game pieces in this bag and asks if anyone in the family had worked at the company, the reason he asks is the company has put out a big reward for people who help with the case. They then go visit the company its pretty creepy season one feel, it feels like the church and that they have their hand in everything. Think the company will play a big part in this shit going forward, they didn’t just introduce them for no reason. After this the episode starts to pick up they find the dice the kids were using for the game in the middle of the woods, which leads them to what they think is Wills blood trail. About 100 yards from this is a road not marked on any map with a huge house at the end where a farmer lives, they interview the farmer and he drops the first big bomb of the episode. The farmer says some guy with a badge interviewed him, and he told them he had seen the kids multiple times playing, and on separate days had seen a fancy brown car with a black man and a white women in it. This is the first they’re hearing of this encounter, and this is where I started to get lost. All the way in the future again during Hayes interview with the camera crew working on the show they’re making they again mention this brown car saying several people reported it but was listed nowhere in the police reports. This seems to really set off the old man and he starts mumbling to himself on the tape recorder “Yeah we knew about that car.” Then out of fucking nowhere we go full ghost mode, his wife who is young not to bad looking of a ghost, totally would by the way, appears behind him and starts saying all this crazy shit. She says to him “You’re scared they’re going to find out what you did you better go to the forest and finish it!” This is the point where I realized there’s a reason all detectives smoke cigs. I mean what in the actual fuck is going on, did Hayes have something to do with this? I always had the feeling he knows more than anyone and is hiding information to break the case himself. This seems to be true and is kind of following the season one arch. Lastly we go all the way back to the beginning, they’re back at the parents house, and find some new baby book the dad brought out. Inside the book they find a picture of Will looking exactly like he did when he died the dad says the picture is from his communion. Creepy fucking music is playing I audibly gasped “What in the actual fuck is going on right now?” I actually would never send my kids to catholic church. This stuff seems too real, and happens often at churches. The very last scene you see the two detectives meet up in the middle time frame and it appears that West offers Hayes the lead detective job for when they reopen the case. He takes it of course and I have a feeling this is where most of the middle of the season will take place is the second time on the case.

So to recap all that, Dead boy, girl is alive, never played with friends, were playing some creepy games in the woods, the grocery store is somehow involved, BROWN SUDAN BLACK GUY WITH WHITE GIRL, AND THE CHURCH….*lights another cig* what in the fuck is going on?


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