Does this look like a guy playing hero ball?

I would venture to say no one else blogging picks for like six people would make themselves physically sick to have a winning day. Just the kind of man and person I am, couldn’t win a game so had to fog my head to see clearly if that makes sense. So here I am right NyQuils in the past 48 hours but back on the 4-1 train painting the most beautiful picture. Should’ve been 5-0 but those scum bag Patriots probably weighted the coin in OT. On to the picks. We have 3 top 25 matchups so I have to pick all 3 of them.

Michigan St -9.5 vs Maryland– I’m 0-3 picking against Maryland this year. I just don’t think this team is very good, 9.5 is a lot to cover but fuck you if your mascot is a turtle.

UNC -3.5 vs V-Tech — Love Buzz Williams but I think Carolina will be too much at home. This UNC team will get bounced early in the tournament but I think they play well tonight.

ISU +5.5 @ Kansas — The sky is falling in Jayhawk country they haven’t really had good recruits since Wiggins and just lost to an awful WVU team. I think they win tonight but it’ll be closer than six points.

Warriors -12 @ Lakers– LA stinks without Lebron and now they don’t have Zo either. No thank you, this GS is skull fucking everyone right now.

Sixers -4 vs Rockets — James Harden is unreal right now, literally averaging what seems like 55 points a game and about 90 in fan duel. The Sixers aren’t really known for defense but have big enough lineup to disrupt Harden enough to blow them out.

5-0 piss dogs Tuesday tomorrow. Also bachelor recap tomorrow am 🚨🚨🚨

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