Today we’re all Rams

Before we get to this we are going to talk about that Duke bad beat. We had them -3.5 and this is why gambling is dumb.

Are you kidding me, are you fucking kidding me. This is what happens when you’re cold the 1-4 flu struck again just absolutely sickening. But still we press on because that’s what warriors do. ITS THE SECOND TO LAST SUNDAY OF THE NFL SEASON LETS SOAK IT IN.

Rams +3 game, first half +3.5, and first quarter over of 10.5– A lot to take in here but I wasn’t too impressed with Philly last week and to be completely honest this a biased pick for my friend Worm. We’re all Rams today, yesterday was that fateful cold January day in Seattle we won’t talk about it.

Chiefs -3, and the 56 over– Listen, you never ever pick against Tom Brady in these types of games but I’m going to. Solely because he made out with his son like that, no way you let that creep go back to the Super Bowl. All in on the Chiefs!!!

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