Right when you’re out the Badgers pull you back in! Plus Saturdays late picks

I literally hate being a Badger fan. Just when you think they’re dead and gone they always, always find a way to pull you back in. Of course Wisconsin beats #2 Michigan today. Earlier this week I didn’t know if this team could make the tournament, but turns out if you play Kobe King someone who can shoot a basketball, over Iverson it helps your offense. Wild fucking concept I didn’t know if Gard could figure that one out but I’m so, so back on the Badgers. Started to pull my self from the depths of hell last night and escaped the 1-4 flu by going 2-3. OVER 150 COLLEGE GAMES TODAY!!!

Duke -3.5 vs Virginia– I think Duke wins big here, Virginia has had a soft schedule and there are just too many athletes all over the floor for Duke. Their freshman seem to love the big moments as well, think Duke rebounds and wins big.

Kansas -4 @ WV– This WV team stinks and has been dead to me since the Pitt game. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Maybe Huggins worst team at WV and Kansas seems to be figuring it out.

Texas Tech -3.5 @ Baylor– Honestly pretty shocked Baylor even has a basketball team. They’ve either been in scandals or winning Heismans with RGiii that’s all I got for Baylor, so in other words they stink.

Kentucky +4.5 @ Auburn– I hate this pick, even just typing it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Everything in my body says hammer Auburn, but when you’re in a slump you doubt everything so Cats it is.

Sixers -1.5 vs Thunder– The Sixers are very, very good at home and the Thunder are in a slump. Don’t over think this one, our only NBA bet of the day.

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