An Apology to DJ Wilson

Last night was the most incredible Bucks game of the season, we should’ve really all saw this coming. While other Bucks will get more prestigious awards like MVP (Giannis), and COY with Bud, DJ Wilson might be having the most impressive year of them all. I was honestly convinced that DJ Wilson had never ran or jumped much less played basketball last year. His greatest accomplishment to date was posting a dope ass Instagram caption with a girl, “I’ve never studied abroad but I’m starting to understand her!!” We should’ve all seen it coming from that moment on.

Last night I could barely breathe when he hit the step back 3. There’s no physical way that was actually DJ Wilson the man with some of the strangest hair in the NBA and awful tattoos hit that. Coach Bud deserves coach of the year for making DJ Wilson a basketball player again. My MVP, I’m sorry for the slander in past years DJ. Bucks 2019 NBA champions btw.

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