Wednesday fab 5 and DFS

The gambling gods last night looking at my slate of going 4-1, and winning two games by .5 points. Sometimes it’s a burden being this good at literally everything id like a flaw in my life. 2-0 on piss dog Tuesdays, so no drama there all I do is win, win, win. Back to being humble though because that’s just the kind of man I am. Five picks time!!

Pistons -3.5 vs Magic — I refuse to watch this game until there’s a minute left, and even then it’ll have to be close to the spread. No one wants to play in Detroit, especially if you live in Florida.

Clippers -1.5 vs Jazz– Little Brady logic here you live in Utah bunch or weird people, you go to LA where people live and party the last thing on your mind is Tobias Harris. Clippers are actually Bradys mortal lock of the night.

Oklahoma -5 vs K-state– Oklahoma has over achieved all year long but state might be the second worst team in the big 12 besides WV.

Texas Tech -5 vs Iowa State — “No tougher place to play then Lubbock on a cold Wednesday night” 🤫🚀🚀🚀

Raptors +2 @ Boston — The Celtics stink right now because Kyrie is a team cancer. Remember when it was all Lebrons fault you stupid losers!! This seems like a game Boston will win but I’m angry with them right now and needed an underdog.

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