Bradys 10 thoughts on week 2 of the

The bachelor is a top 3 show on tv, don’t be a tough guy loser and not watch.

1.) Hannah B is super hot but I’ve never seen a scarier smile and awkward girl in my life. Still very hot so we’ll keep her around.

2.) Demi seems like a girl I would date, absolute Psychopath who will ruin your life and the craziest girl of the whole bunch.

3.) CASSIE IS A ROCKET HEADED TO SPACE!! Baby girl. Call me.

4.) Colton has this whole dating thing figured out. Talks to each girl for like two minutes as soon as they start complaining he just tells them “I appreciate you opening up” and makes out with them. Going to have to try that strategy out.

5.) Colton crying at the second rose ceremony is predictable and very sad. I’ve dated two girls at once I can’t imagine dating 20. Thoughts and prayers Colton.

6.) As resident bachelor expert Elliot Oscar, golf pro, hair stylist said Hannah G is running her race from the front. If this was the Kentucky derby she’d be Sea Biscuit at the moment.

7.) Colton’s like 23 why are these weird 31 year old girls trying to make this a grown up show, I come here for crazy people and drama gtfo if you want to be mature.

8.) The two beauty pageant girls should do a challenge game and just beat the shit out of each other feel like that’s the only way to solve this beef.

9.) Tracy is going to the most annoying girl for the one more week she sticks around.

10.) Colton makes out with literally anything that moves, I’ve mentioned this already but it needs to be said again. He also has slightly more muscle than me so I think he can pull it off.

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