Wimbush Set to Transfer to Sunshine State

The title doesn’t lie people, I’m not click bait Brady trying to lure wandering eyeballs to my articles. I ONLY WRITE THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Anyway, Wimbush has decided to transfer to UCF from Notre Dame after the ending of the 2018-19 football season. This is due to the fact that he lost the starting job to Ian Book after the third game of the season. Wimbush is to be a “graduate transfer” and I’m sure he’s going to be CASHING in at UCF’s graduate program versus what he could of got from Notre Dame (pretty easy school so I’ve heard).


Honestly, if I was Wimbush this would of been the easiest decision of my life. Either stay in South Bend, be miserably cold, watch Ian Book run the campus, sit on the sideline another season or…… go to Orlando, enjoy the weather, chase around girls, and be the QB of the 2017 National Champions? Like I said it’s a pretty easy decision. Wimbush will probably win the AAC next year, throw for 2,500 yards, and win the Autozone Bowl. Good for you Brandon and I wish you all the (Irish) luck in the world, thanks for the 2017 season that was a fucking ride. Bottom line is, we have a guy named Ian Book for 2 more years so the Irish are in good hands.

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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