The Phoenix Suns Need to Trade for Dennis Smith Jr. Right NOW

So I’m new to #TheSpan and was looking for a good first article to write.  I’m a basketball guy so I thought hey, maybe I’ll write a blog about NBA or CBB picks for tonight but that’s Brady’s forte and I didn’t want to steal all his clicks on my very first blog.  I also considered talking about last weekend’s Divisional playoffs in the NFL but then again, I’m a basketball guy and wanted to start with a hoops blog.  Yesterday NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski AKA Woj AKA my dad broke the news that the Mavs were shopping Dennis Smith Jr. and I jumped at the opportunity to write about that.  Hopefully Phoenix Suns coach Igor Kokoskov is a regular reader of this site and will take my advice about trading for DSJ.

Woj reported that the Dallas Mavericks were seeking a trade for Dennis Smith Jr. and that both the Suns and Magic had already reached out.  It’s safe to assume the Mavs want to trade DSJ due in part to the emergence of star rookie Luka Doncic.  By getting Doncic in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Mavs were hoping for a nice 1-2 punch in the backcourt with DSJ and Doncic but that hasn’t exactly panned out to this point.  While the Suns and Magic would both warmly welcome the second year point guard with an extra ligament in his knee, the Suns have more young talent and would be a better fit for Smith.

Dennis Smith is exceptionally athletic and had an impressive rookie campaign but has taken a step back in his second season.  He is experiencing career lows in minutes, points, assists, and rebounds per game this season largely due to Luka Doncic being the Mavs savior.  That’s not to say Smith is a bad player.  He is currently just stuck in a bad situation.  He’s one of the bouncier players in the Association with a 48 inch vertical and is a gifted scorer and playmaker.  This combination would add immediate and much needed point guard help to Phoenix in what has turned into another disappointing season.

The Suns have some great young talent with Devin Booker and this year’s #1 overall pick DeAndre Ayton but previous lottery picks Dragan Bender and Josh Jackson haven’t lived up to the hype yet.  Adding Dennis Smith Jr. deepens their core of young talent and will remedy their point guard issues.  Their problems at the point guard position have been so enormous that they’ve had to turn to ‘Point Book’ at times this season to run the offense.  While Booker is one of the NBA’s premier scorers, he’s at his best when he can play off the ball alongside a natural point guard.  The Suns have currently been starting De’Anthony Melton at point guard and he’s been a pleasant surprise for the 11-33 Suns but would be better suited playing behind Smith.  DSJ would bring top notch athleticism along with playmaking ability to the Suns lineup and help set them up for future success.

The Suns have been trying to rebuild for some time now and are on track to get another top 5 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.  With that being said, the time has come for the Phoenix Suns to start winning.  They’re one or two players away from competing for that 8th playoff spot in a couple years.  The arrival of Dennis Smith Jr. along with another lottery pick and a free agent or two in the offseason could help accelerate that process.



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