True Detective is back, and Thrones drops a trailer, and starts the same night Tiger wins the Masters.

Monster, monster night for HBO. The network brought back season 3 of True Detective, and surprised us with two episodes we will get to that recap but first!! HBO is the smartest network in the world, Tiger climbs back to the top of the golf world on April 14th at the Masters then immediately following that Game of Thrones starts. Going to be easily top 5 day of the year, let’s fucking go. Onto the recap we go.

Little background here before we get to deep into this, Season 3 takes place in a rural Arkansas town, and focuses on a boy getting murdered and his sisters disappearance. Mahershala Ali plays a detective with memory loss named Wayne Hays, and is lead on the investigation. His partner is played by Stephen Dorff and his name is Ronald West.

Episode 1(The Great War of Modern Memory) – The season opens with a creepy season 1 vibe which is a very good thing, season one was some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. The format of this season is just like the others, it starts with a cop (Ali) giving a deposition of a case he worked. We’ll be in 3 different times in his life, during the case, 10 years later during his deposition, then 2015 when he’s much older. The story starts with two kids, Will and his sister Lucie tell their dad they are headed to the park to see a puppy. Both kids take off on a bike and it shows them riding for a good 3 minutes, as you can guess this is the last you see of Will, and Julie alive. Eventually their father realizes they’ve gone missing and calls the police, Ali and Dorff are kind of casted like drunks at the start. Very similar to Rustin Cohle in season one. The dad, and mom are on the verge of splitting but detectives ask if they can look around the house. Hays (Ali) finds porn magazines and a hole drilled in the boys room closest that can peep on his little sisters room. The mother reveals her cousin lived in Wills room for a couple months awhile back. This immediately moves him to suspect number one on the list. They then get a lead that in the park where the kids were headed some older teens hangout and were seen that night on the road. They go investigate, nothing really turns out the kids seem sketchy but not murdered innocent children sketchy. The big part of the school is you meet Hays future wife who they reference almost right away, in the 2015 scenes she’s passed and wrote a book on the case. The third person they investigate in episode one seems to be the one the whole town thinks who did it. They call him “trash man” a veteran of the Vietnam war who drives a go kart around picking up trash and taking it to the junk yard for money. They break into his house and see pictures of him in his family, during the interview with him he reveals his wife and kids left him when he was in Vietnam. Nothing much really comes of the interview but he seems like a huge part of the season. It then cuts to a search party where West is leading a team of police and it shows Hays off by himself. West says Hays was part of a special forces survival team during his time in Vietnam and does things his own way. Episode one ends with him tracking bike tracks through the woods, he then finds Wills bike which he follows deeper. This is where it got Creepy as fuck, they find these little satanic dolls which leads him to Wills body in a cave. He’s dead and his neck is broken but his hands are folded like he’s praying, bringing back all the creepy feelings from season 1. Overall I’d give episode one a 9/10 they went back to what worked in season one and Ali is one of the best actors in the world. Here’s the doll, fuck this thing honestly.

Episode 2 (Kiss tomorrow goodbye) — Fucking love HBO always throwing curveballs, they released a second surprise episode last night as well so we got a two for one. They start episode two in the deposition and Hays is getting pissed off wondering why they’re questioning him, he knows they’ve found new evidence. They also start dropping big hints they think the wrong person is in jail. Hays thinks race, and politics played a huge part in the case. They also drop a huge bomb and reveal why they’re interviewing him. There was a robbery in Oklahoma of a Walgreens and a set of fingerprints were found belonging too… guessed it. Julie, the sister who was kidnapped. After this they flashback to when the case is happening and there’s some sort of town hall meeting where they pass out pictures of the kids and say they’re going to find the killer. Hays sees his future wife outside and hands her a picture of the doll and tells her to ask around school if the kids know anything about the dolls. Next is wills funeral at the family home, you meet the creepy uncle who they think was peeping on the daughter. They interview him and say they might come search his house, they don’t reveal to him that they know about the hole in the bedroom closet. Later at the funeral both detectives question the dads parents who reveal even more issues with the marriage. The parents say the wife has always been cheating and their son (the dad) was working out of state when the wife became pregnant with Julie, so it might not be his kid. Still flashing back to when the case was fresh, a kid from school reveals Julie received a doll like the one they found from two men wearing ghost costumes on Halloween night a week before their disappearance. This is the only clue they have in the case, the kid draws out a map of everywhere they trick or treated. They go to meet with the FBI and state detectives and want to search every house in an hour without warrants so they don’t tip people off on what they’re looking for. This leads to a huge disagreement and the state officials walk out, during this time they get a tip from a guy who runs a vice about a pedophile who made his way into town by changing his name. They decide they’ll investigate him in the morning and go there separate ways. Hays heads to the bar and sees his future wife, while there the TV is on and it’s the state officials announcing to the public where the kids trick or treated and that they were handed creepy dolls. Hays is pissed and says they don’t listen to him because he’s African American, and they blew their only lead. The town goes into hysteria, kids stop going to school, they get hundreds of false tips a day. To blow off some steam both detectives go find the pedophile they were tipped on and rough him up pretty good, they keeping beating him trying to get him to admit what he’s done. During this they get a phone call from police saying a note was left at the families house, and the season gets even fucking creepier. I’ll post the note at the end but the episode ends with old man Hays seeming crazy still caught up in the case but can’t remember anything. Everyplace he visits in the future is boarded up its seems West Finger is a ghost town and the case still isn’t solved ..episode 2 was a 7/10 a little slower but you can see they’re trying to set up the plot and introduce new characters. (Couldn’t find the note that was left I’m sure if you look hard enough you can)

Apologize for the how long this recap was, and probably not very helpful and random. I’m sure I missed some things too, but I’ll try and post about the show. True Detective is making Sunday’s great again just when we’re about to lose football, and for that we should all be thankful.

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